Provides producers their strategies as well as engagement of financing, global distribution and exploitation of their motion pictures and other content.

Provides investors and financiers slate project management, risk and net return analysis.

Provides services uniquely founded upon the business principles and practices employed by the entertainment industry’s most successful producers, studios, international distributors and entertainment banks. These services comprise the intricate and thorough global project planning for each motion picture that include each picture’s development and production funding, as well as global, all media and ancillary rights sales and distribution.

Applying these dynamically pragmatic operating strategies, ES exclusively supports the development, production and distribution of pictures that demonstrate a minimum 0ne-point-five to one (1.5:1) ratio between each project’s producer’s-share-of-profits and its production-cost. Adhering to this fundamental profits-to-costs relationship assures that each picture (1) is profitable to producers and investors, (2) is globally and all core and ancillary rights distributed and (3) optimizes audience satisfaction and reach.

Introductory Articles

The most successful independent motion picture producers engage these seven principles and practices in their production organizations.  Read more>>

Celebrity-owned production entities are perhaps the most vulnerable as well as the most sought after producers in the industry. Read more>>

There are dramatic differences between investing in motion picture production and investing in motion picture development, in terms of risk, return of investment timing, and historical performance. Read more>>

ES offers an Internal Greenlight service. What is an internal greenlight and how is performed? Read more>>

New to the 4th Edition:

Production Financing Worksheet-a producer’s must-have
Comprehensive new media, financing, and distribution updates of all chapters
Expanded global focus and references
Internet marketing & DIY distribution
Financing sources
Access to a website providing spreadsheets available nowhere else: Financing Worksheet, greenlighting worksheets, film comparables, activity and cash flow projections, and more.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the business of entertainment and learn to successfully engage in all aspects of global production with the revised and updated 4th edition of The Producer’s Business Handbook. Learn how to cultivate relationships with key industry players including domestic and foreign studios, agencies, attorneys, talent, completion guarantors, banks, and private investors.

This edition has been updated to include the latest opportunities presented by changing technology and their impact on the producer’s ability to brand, monetize, finance and globally release content. Also included is new information on audience, earning, distribution and funding opportunities created by the explosive growth of VR, AR, 360 and gaming, as well as the rapid conversion to OTT.

Additional features include:

Completely updated production financing worksheets – an essential tool for producers
Expanded information for low-budget independent producers, internationally-based producers, producers using government funding, and film school students alike;
Coverage of China’s changing entertainment landscape, including their entertainment consumption, their commitment to produce content for the big global territories, and
New, full-color illustrations and graphics that provide a visual representation of complex.

Producer’s Business Handbook Reviews for the 4th Edition

“As a die-hard independent producer of over 700 TV shows and 15 movies, I wish this book had been available at the start of my career! If so, I would have avoided a decade or so of discovery from the school of hard knocks. Whether you are producing for the big screen or the smaller ones, I recommend you read, study and use this latest edition of The Producer’s Business Handbook as part of readying your projects for the myriad of possible revenue streams that will make all your hard work much more rewarding. John Lee and Anne Marie Gillen’s book is a brightly-illuminated path through the otherwise very murky waters of finance and distribution.”
—Steve Ecclesine, Independent Producer of 15 Motion Pictures and over 700 TV Episodes

“This is the single best work on financing independent films. The landscape of the film business is changing rapidly, and this is one of the only books addressing two of the most difficult aspects: financing and distribution. There is more to financing a film than developing a business plan. This book shows practical, in-depth information, efficiently written and presented.”
—Don Smith, Associate Chair & Associate Professor, Film & Video Department, Columbia College

“This is a timely book, detailing a proven method for success and providing relevant data for both investors and filmmakers.”
—Jillian Alexander, Managing Director, Conduit Consulting LLC.; Former VP of Corporate Development, Sony Pictures Entertainment; Member of Sony US Ventures Team