There are two uniquely important celebrity producer attributes that are ironically polar-opposites. The first is a star’s high-value position of both being an audience icon, as well as having exceptional entire to other celebrity acting talent, directors, studio heads, commercial and private funding sources. The offsetting quality is a star’s typical lack of global entertainment business experience. The chasm between these two renders star producers uncomfortably vulnerable – although highly sought after.

Because of this potent combination of power and vulnerability, star producers, more than any others, are benefited via developing a thorough understanding of all the vital aspects of the global business of motion picture development, production, distribution and finance. This understanding will protect them from poor decisions, enable them to move on opportunities with confidence, facilitate their discernment to select and direct a crack development and production team, allow them to establish achievable short and long term goals and financial projections, and empower them to organize their entertainment empire in harmony with their finest vision.

To know and use the fundamental principles and practices of the motion picture industry’s most successful producers, provides order, confidence and a predictable profitable outcome for every picture. Each project may not be the creative and financial success hoped for- yet, each can be both produced and profitable.