Entertainment Strategy provides comprehensive global distribution and funding services spanning originating earliest project strategies and plans, through engagement of the entire spectrum of distribution/licensing/branding and funding relationships, including relationship performance optimizations, through to the full spectrum of global long-term collections, re-licensings and library management. Some lead services include:

⊕ Script read and initial finance and distribution report
⊕ Motion Picture Greenlight Analysis, Documentation and Report
⊕ Completed Motion Picture Sales
⊕ Planning and Authoring of Single or Multiple Motion Picture Development Company   Business Plans
⊕ Planning and Authoring Investment Memoranda
⊕ Negotiation and Documentation for Rights Acquisition, talent, etc.
⊕ Production Funding Architecture, Strategies and Engagement
⊕ Directing Global Distributor Presentation materials creation
⊕ Engaging Completion Bond
⊕ Engaging Global Collection Relationship
⊕ Engaging Production Bank Loan
⊕ Orchestration of picture and ancillary items global exploitation
⊕ Tracking, auditing and optimizing collections
⊕ Tracking, auditing and oversight of distributing funds disbursements to participants

Multiple Motion Picture Development Company Confidential Investment Memorandum Planning and Authoring

This is the business plan narrative and partnership agreement used to engage private financing for motion picture development.

Each memorandum includes:
(1) planning and preparing of the company’s activity and cash flow projections;
(2) origination and authoring the development company’s plan and offering;
(3) preparation company history and management biographies;
(4) state and federal securities declarations and compliances;
(5) tax commentaries;
(6) Partnership Agreement and Certificate; and
(7) offeree questionnaires and subscription documents.

Each offering is delivered complete, ready for engagement by sophisticated investors.

Each offering’s cost is determined by the scope of business objectives, country in which the production company is based, and the variable securities venues with which the offering must comply.

Motion Picture Internal Greenlight

This discovers each picture’s vital information upon which studios and major international distributors principally base their decisions relative to distribution and related licensing. It includes a breakdown of each picture’s campaign elements, at least one :30 second television/internet commercial or theatrical trailer script, the picture’s target audience(s) definition, comparable pictures and their campaigns and global earnings, the picture’s estimated global gross earnings, the producer’s share of these earnings and its relationship to the picture’s budget, plus other related business and creative data.

The first step delivers a campaign breakdown, campaign script, preliminary comparative picture and audience composition analyses, and initial global earnings summary.

The second step delivers finalized comparable pictures and audience compositions analyses, comparable picture campaigns, the picture’s finalized global liquidation breakdown (including Producers Share and greenlight ratio), and the picture’s final global business narrative.

Client provides the below- and above-the-line budget estimates. (ES will prepare the below-the-line budget for approximately $3,000).

Additional Services 

For Producers –
Reverse greenlights for completed pictures, studio, international territory distributor, and motion picture rights negotiation, documentation and management, talent negotiations and documentation, presale planning and negotiations, bank memorandum preparation, submittal and management, and organization restructuring.

For US Studios –
Independent producer screenings; pre-release target audience profiles; and reverse greenlights for completed pictures.

For Banks –
Global picture valuations; establishing or refining gap financing models; and coordinating US and international entertainment lending programs.

For Investors –
Entertainment portfolio management; media investment analysis; special investment project negotiations and documentation; and resolution of media investment disputes.