About John J. Lee, Jr.

John is a global media and entertainment executive, presently enabling streaming media studios to lead in profits, global audience size and satisfaction of program curation/access/stack and advertising; and in advancing client and ES project development, production and distribution of motion pictures, series and longform.

He has successfully led the vision, launch and/or expansion of five entertainment and media entities and provided business and creative services for 23 released motion pictures, television network series and specials.

John’s “The Producer’s Business Handbook” is published by Routledge, in English and Japanese, used by film and business schools the world over, is a standard professional media reference, a best seller in its small category, its fourth edition released November 1, 2017 at, and co-branded with AFM.

John’s academic experience include being a full-time faculty for three years at BYU, while writing their business of film curricula, which he also taught, in addition to Intermediate Screenwriting. He was also dean of Whistling Woods International in Mumbai, India, for three extraordinary years.

John’s speaker/presenter credits include at CES, INFOCOM, Sundance, PGA, NATPE, IFFI, SXSW, BYU, Brooks, Marymount U, U of Iowa, Bradford College and The World Congress of The World Federation of Colleges.

John also participates with his wife, Darylann, in humanitarian work, especially for women and children- and as much as possible, they frolic with their children, grandchildren and surf.